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Carpe Iter BMW Control Kit

Carpe Iter BMW Control Kit

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The Carpe Iter BMW Control is specially designed for the BMW driver with a GS (built in 2013 or newer) with a Wonder Wheel. Thanks to the BMW Control Hub and the BMW Control Buttons, you can control your navigation without having to take off your gloves. This way you can create the most extensive routes in the MyRoute-app Routeplanner without being afraid of missing any information or letting roadblocks ruin your route.

Very important information:

  • Manufacturing year 2013 and newer (! manufacturing year, not the year when the bike was first purchased!); 
  • The motorcycle is equipped with a BMW Multi-Controller;
  • The “navigation” option is enabled in the motorcycle firmware. All Adventure models have that option enabled if they come with the “Preparation for navigation kit” installed as a standard accessory. Other models will have the navigation option enabled if the BMW Navigator V or VI Mount Cradle is installed on them now or was installed in the past. You do NOT need the BMW Navigator Mount Cradle to use BCMD Hub;
  • Motorcycle models are among the “GS” line unless another specific model is declared by Carpe Iter as compatible. Check their website for more information.
  • WARNING: to use BMW Control Buttons, you need a bike with an e-throttle grip (not the older, thin Bowden style – e.g. part No. 61317708220 or 61317708228 and similarly styled throttle assemblies. They are much thinner than the e-throttle).


  • Compatible with: R1200 GS, R1200 GSA, R1250 GS, R1250 GSA, F850GS, F850GSA, F850 GSA Rallye MY 2013 and up.
  • Compatible with both non-TFT and TFT bikes
  • Front wheel magnetic sensor support for true distance readings (should you want to take it to a rally event one day)
  • Reading basic information from the connected motorcycle (electronic dashboard showing speed, revs, gear, and more coming later in 2023 through free-of-charge software update)
  • Connectors with 12V out to power additional accessories 

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