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Carpe Iter Terrain Command III

Carpe Iter Terrain Command III

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When you drive off-road, you have to take the different elements into account. For example, it can sometimes be easier to operate buttons instead of a joystick. Dust and dirt can also cause problems with most controllers. With the Terrain Command III you don't have to worry about this anymore!

Specially designed with the off-road rider in mind, but equally good for any type of motorcyclist.

  • Completely water and dust-proof. 
  • The whole interior of the Hub is filled with epoxy resin – nearly indestructible.
  • Powered directly from the motorcycle 12V electrical system – no batteries and DC converters to worry about.
  • Front-wheel magnetic reed switch and hall effect switch connectivity for real distance and speed measurements (not dependent on GPS).



  • Fits 22mm handlebars
  • Buttons cable length: 80 cm
  • Box button cables length: 10cm
  • Box sensor cable: 10cm
  • Box 12VDC cables 38cm

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