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SilverFox B8J

SilverFox B8J

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The SilverFox B8J can be installed on various motorcycles. It fits a handlebar with a diameter of 22 mm, but with the help of a length adjustment ring, the unit can be fine-tuned. This makes it possible to install the unit onto a wide variety of handlebars. Connect your phone with Bluetooth and adjust your input settings in the MyRoute-app. Thanks to the preset settings, you can immediately use your SilverFox with MRA!

How to install:

- adjustable length, +/- 5 mm (see illustration)
- easy Bluetooth connection
- 2 selectable key layouts
- 5 pcs buttons, 4 push buttons, and 4-way joystick switch (IP67)
- wide range, 7-36V for input power
- rugged hard anodized surface
- IP67 dust and waterproof ( = in water max. 30 min/1m deep)

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